Our animals 

Please feel free to get to know our animals, we have Sheba the Alsation We also have chickens of various breeds, our Light Sussex hens (white ones) are one of the earliest breed of hens, which produce beautiful free range eggs which are on sale at reception,

We also have Badgerface Torddu (Black Stripe) sheep, a 17th century breed of hill sheep, which we show at weekends with many successes over the past few years,  and we also keep Herdwick sheep which are originally from Cumbria .We occasionally have home produced lamb for sale, so please ask at reception if you would like to purchase some. 

Our Miniature Shetland ponies, along with our sheep, are sometimes at the cottages but are usually about a 5 minute walk up the road. You are welcome to visit them and take them some carrots which they enjoy. 

Sometimes, you may observe the kestrels, buzzards, rabbits and other wildlife in our meadow. The buzzards can also be seen occasionally above the house and cottages. All we ask is that you treat our animals with respect as this is their home. Please close the gates behind you so we know they are safe. 

For all you petrol-heads, we have a 1968 Ford Escort rally car that we've lovingly restored. Also, a 1949 Ferguson Tractor , 1988 250cc Honda Trike and a 1979 Chevvy Camaro. 
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